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Processing data streams using Apache Flink | Big Data Hadoop Full Course

  • In this video, we're going to talk about how to process data streams using Apache Flink. Using Apache Flink, we'll be able to easily process large data sets using Storm and Hadoop. This is a full course on how to use Apache Flink for big data processing, so make sure to watch it to learn all about this powerful technology!
    Below are the commands for this lecture:
    wget dlcdn.apache.org/flink/flink-1.15.3/flink-1.15.3-bin-scala_2.12.tgz
    tar -xvf flink-1.15.3-bin-scala_2.12.tgz
    ./bin/flink run examples/streaming/SocketWindowWordCount.jar --port 9000
    In the previous lecture we have seen Introduction to Apache Flink which is nothing but a data stream processing framework for big data where we have seen what is Apache Flink, its main features, Flink ecosystem and Flink architecture in detail.
    HDP Sandbox Installation links:
    Oracle VM Virtualbox: download.virtualbox.org/virtualbox/6.1.32/VirtualBox-6.1.32-149290-Win.exe
    HDP Sandbox link: archive.cloudera.com/hwx-sandbox/hdp/hdp-2.6.5/HDP_2.6.5_virtualbox_180626.ova
    HDP Sandbox installation guide: hortonworks.com/tutorial/sandbox-deployment-and-install-guide/section/1/
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    This tutorial is made for professionals who are willing to learn the basics of Big Data Analytics using Hadoop Ecosystem and become a Hadoop Developer. Software Professionals, Analytics Professionals, and ETL developers are the key beneficiaries of this course.
    Before you start proceeding with this course, I am assuming that you have some basic knowledge to Core Java, database concepts, and any of the Linux operating system flavors.
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