Robert Dudzic on Sound Design with Cubase | The Winter NAMM Show 2020

  • At the winter NAMM Show 2020, Steinberg’s Greg Ondo sat down with sound designer, producer, engineer, composer and studio musician Robert Dudzic to discuss his work in sound design and movie sound effects. Robert’s sound effects can be heard on many high profile movie trailers, as well as television shows around the world. He has also produced several collections of sound and music effects, including the new RAID sound library. In this NAMM Show session, Robert showed his ‘behind the scenes’ video How I Do What I Do and demonstrated why Cubase is so important to his work.
    00:06 - Intro
    00:53 - How I Do What I Do Teaser Video
    4:00 - Robert’s background, and general sound design insights
    5:40 - Junkyard recording video walkthrough
    6:27 - Import audio files (drag and drop from folders)
    7:09 - Normalize audio files
    7:38 - Set levels and panning on recordings from 3 mics (mono/stereo)
    9:00 - Export audio
    10:05 - Edit audio with detect silence
    11:07 - Cubase session setup process
    13:16 - Sound design process
    14:11 - Yamaha reface demo
    14:54 - Sound design process continued
    15:42 - Create a tail for a sound with fade out
    16:09 - Use reverb for bigger sounds
    17:45 - Add punch to sounds
    18:39 - Add punch to sounds trick #2
    19:03 - Sound design experimentation
    20:24 - Sound replacement process
    22:05 - Question - "How many sounds do you use in a sound design element? How many layers will there be?"
    25:28 - Question - What’s the farthest you’ve gone to get a sound design captured?
    27:18 - Car race recording explanation and video
    29:07 - Question - "Watching your videos, obviously your wife is very understanding. Is it to the point where she says, “Hey Robert, I need to cook dinner. Can you please bring that item back?”
    29:41 - Question - "Two questions: how long have you been doing this?"
    29:48 - Question - "What kind of storage do you have? I’m sure you keep every sound you record, right?"
    30:39 - Question - “Once you record and manipulate your recordings, and you store them on a hard drive, how much hard drive space do you need?"
    31:07 - Question - "How do you stay organized?"
    32:07 - Question - “In a film, is it ever the original sound blended with what you’re doing, or are the original sounds completely erased?"
    33:26 - Question - “What kind of mics are you using?
    34:46 - Question - "What’s the handheld recorder that you use?"
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