041//Space Drifting - an ambient cosmic journey (Moog Mother 32s, Eventide Space & Timefactor)

  • A melodic semi-self-generating patch using 2 tracks of 2 Mother 32s sent through an Eventide Space reverb and an Eventide Timefactor.
    Sit back and relax as you drift through a sci-fi soundscape generated entirely by M32s. In this patch, I couldn't help but multitrack to add more stereo width and musical interest to the deep melodic lines!
    This is a relatively simple patch, with the higher M32 giving the melody and the lower M32 giving the bass. The high M32's filter cutoff is modulated by an LFO, and the resonance is modulated randomly. The pulse width of the oscillator square wave is modulated by the lower M32's envelope. White noise is mixed with the oscillator by an LFO that morphs between a triangle wave and a saw wave, and the amount by which it mixes is randomly modulated. There is also subtle volume modulation on the melody, controlled by the pitch of the bass. Meanwhile, the bass' filter resonance is randomly modulated, and the cutoff modulated by an LFO. The bass sequence is 'held' on notes randomly, so that the sequence is not identical each time.
    A large part of this space-y sound is the shimmer reverb that transposes downwards in 3rds and 5ths rather than upwards like usual.
    Spaceship FX:
    This patch looks more complex in the video than it is, because not every cable is doing something - I was experimenting! Both M32s are the same; self-resonating filters with randomly-modulated cutoffs as the only sound source, with a triangle LFO pushing the resonance amounts in and out of self-oscillation. Because the oscillators are inaudible, they can be set to a very low pitch so that the KB outputs give a constant negative voltage; one of these voltages is sent to the LFO Rate input to slow the LFO down.
    The reverb is a basic clean-ish hall reverb that doesn't muddy the mix too much.
    If you want to recreate this patch, you can find it here:
    ...and here:
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