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Traffic Director & Envoy-Based L7 ILB for Production-Grade Service Mesh & Istio (Cloud Next '19)

  • We are excited to announce Traffic Director and Envoy-based L7 ILB, our new GCP services for Service Mesh and Istio. Traffic Director is toil-free, GCP-managed control plane with SLA for Service Meshes. In Istio environments, Traffic Director provides a GCP-managed Pilot for your service mesh. Traffic Director delivers traffic management and multi-region global load balancing for service meshes built using open proxies like Envoy and through the open xDSv2 APIs. It provides policy driven traffic routing, enabling you to control the flow of traffic between services. All of this makes load balancing, scaling, A/B testing, canary roll outs, and blue-green deployments toil-free to set up.Traffic Director also provides centralized high fidelity health checking, and traffic driven autoscaling. Envoy-based Layer 7 Internal Load Balancing (L7 ILB), another flavor of Traffic Director, brings modern traffic management capabilities to traditional environments. With L7 ILB, Traffic Director controls a pool of GCP-managed Envoy proxies under the hood but presents this service as a traditional Layer 7 ILB middle proxy to front your legacy apps. Traffic Director supports VM-based, Kubernetes and GKE apps and more enabling you to modernize at your pace from your starting point. Join us to get a deep dive into Service Mesh Networking, Traffic Director and L7 ILB through a series of demos and real world customer use cases and best practices.
    Traffic Director & Envoy Based L7 → bit.ly/2TXnFku
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    Speaker(s): Mike Columbus, Prajakta Joshi
    Session ID: NET207
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